• Lubricant Information System

    The most powerful and most comprehensive
    oil advisor tool in the market today.

  • Oil Advisor Solution

    Choose your vehicle or equipment from the list and the OEM recommendations (quality & viscosity specs)
    are displayed. Print, save or email report. Yes, it’s that easy.

  • Product Matching Facility

    Match your product recommendations to OEM oil specs using the most
    advanced & most user-friendly tool in the industry.

  • Portfolio Analysis

    Know which vehicles and equipment are calling for which oil specs, and review your products
    based on the oil specs they meet. Market research at your fingertips.

  • Fleet Survey Tool

    Create detailed lubrication surveys
    for fleet owners in minutes.

  • OEM Specifications Library

    The definition of oil qualities & viscosities all in one place.
    A handy reference tool for oil professionals.