Our Services

Market Analysis

Entering new markets, evaluating the current product portfolio and optimising the product range will always be key challenges for oil firms. Comprehensive, relevant market data and the necessary technical expertise, however, may not always be available. Olyslager combines its extensive technical archive with the most recent car parc data to provide pertinent market information and competitive advantage to your firm. You minimize guess work, you maximize opportunities.

Electronic Cataloguing Services

Having the right oil is just one part of a giant puzzle known as the auto parts industry. Bulbs, wipers, tyres and spark plugs are just some of the items that motorists need to deal with at some point of their vehicle’s lives. What others see as a challenge, we see as an opportunity. Olyslager can help businesses link these auto parts data with lubrication data to provide a total service package to your clients. We work with TecDoc, ACES, MAM, Allicat, and a host of other cataloguing systems.

We are known for our oil recommendation tools but we also do a lot more for clients. After all, our aim has always been to help take your business to the next level.