Olyslager has a long history of excellence. In fact, Olyslager celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2015, a huge milestone for the company. And it all started in 1950 with our founding father, Piet Olyslager. 

Our Founder

Piet Olyslager was a Dutch businessman who was well-known in the Automotive sector for his designs, collections and construction. He was an avid collector of information, brochures and magazines, which are now housed at the Olyslager Archives and at the European Centre for Mobility Documentation (ECMD).

Given his close relationships with Bugatti and Talbot, plus his contacts in the Auto Industry both locally & internationally, he realised the urgent need for reliable technical information on vehicles by manufacturers, garage owners, consumers and oil companies.

After the Second World War, Olyslager started to provide garages with technical information on vehicles left by the Allied Forces, writing advice on paper as well as detailed diagrams. In 1948, he decided to adapt a universal format and started the Olyslager Organisation.

Piet Olyslager
Piet Olyslager in his office


Company founded by Piet Olyslager.


First Technical Automotive Information booklets called “Motor Manual” or “Vraagbaak” were produced.


Operations centralised in the Netherlands. All international offices were closed.


The Lubricant Information System (LIS) CD was introduced.


First online oil advisor was launched.


Olyslager Organization becomes an independent business, focussing solely on providing lubricant data in the oil industry.


Olyslager launches other digital tools providing oil recommendation.


Olyslager enters new markets: Asia-Pacific, North America and South America.