About us

About us

About Olyslager

Olyslager is the world’s leading supplier in lubricant data for the oil industry. This data, found in the world’s largest lubricant database, helps our customers to answer the important question:

“Which lubricant does my vehicle need?”

This information is obtained directly from over 2,700 OEM’s, which ensures its accuracy and authenticity. Olyslager does not, and will not, publish data which is not backed by OEM-verified documentation. Furthermore, our dedicated team updates the database on a regular basis to ensure the data is correct, relevant and up-to-date.

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Who we Are Olyslager

Our data can be used in various ways: offline solutions, online solutions, mobile solutions. Our extensive experience and IT expertise allow us to deliver it in numerous formats. As a result of this flexibility, Olyslager is able to adopt a tailor-made approach to our customers to ensure our solutions are the right fit for them. On top of this, Olyslager continues to develop new solutions to further enhance user experience and address the requirements of our customers.

The way we work

Olyslagers core values are honesty, trust, transparency and flexibility. These core values are reflected in the way we do business: We sell solutions that work and deliver value to your business. We always deliver on what we promised. We are completely open in our communication. We can adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

In addition, Olyslager firmly believes people make the difference and that is why we strive to develop long-term relations with not just our customers, but also our staff. As a result, our international team is able to transform their years of experience into high-quality service for our customers.


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