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Displaying product recommendations

Increase your sales potential by displaying your product recommendations for the B2B market in tools used by thousands of distributors and sellers, and accessed by millions of consumers every year.


Offer the tools your distributors expect and need

Catalogue Data Service

Providing catalogue data

Increase sales and service providing compatible catalogue data

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Oil recommendation

Provide comprehensive and accurate oil recommendation datasets to distributors, workshops, garages, and other channel partners in a format which is compatible to their proprietary solutions.

Highest success rate

Industry-leading cataloguing datasets where our individual records are manually matched to the databases of leading platforms such as TecDoc, MAM, and ACES to ensure that you have the highest matching success rate and that you can reach millions of subscribers across multiple markets.

Cataloguing datasets


Having the right oil is just one part of a giant puzzle known as the auto parts industry. Bulbs, wipers, tires and spark plugs are just some of the items that motorists need to deal with at some point of their vehicle’s lives. What others see as a challenge; we see as an opportunity. Olyslager can help businesses link these auto parts data with lubrication data to provide a total service package to your clients. We work with TecDoc, ACES, MAM, Allicat, and a host of other cataloguing systems.


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With over 70 years of experience, Olyslager is seen as a world leader on lubricant information and has the capabilities to convert this information to the most used cataloguing systems.


Our team can help you in every stage. Whether it is branding questions, article information and other related questions. 

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