Smart data insights for the oil industry

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LIS allows you to fine tune your product portfolio, manage your team and define who can access specific data with a mouse-click. 

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Market Analyser

Relevant market information, always fact-based and actionable to give your company a competitive advantage.

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It is just a few steps to a personalized website for your customers with the best lubricant advice.

VRN services

Licence Plate Services

The Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) makes it possible to navigate quickly to the vehicle the user is looking for.

product selector service

Catalogue data

Olyslager has the capabilities to convert lubricant information to the most used cataloguing systems.

API service


With our API services, you can integrate our tools in your own platform and you can achieve your desired look & feel.

Market Analyser

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Data is powerful. It can accelerate market growth, enable innovation, or even disrupt entire industries. Comprehensive, relevant market data and the necessary technical expertise, however, may not always be available.  

Entering new markets, evaluating the current product portfolio or optimizing your product range will always be key challenges for you as an oil firm. As a lubricant data insight specialist, we can help you define your strategy by providing the data you need. 

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We are known for our oil recommendation tools but we also do a lot more for clients. After all, our aim has always been to help take your business to the next level.

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Smart data insights for the oil industry

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