Key Values


Recommending the right products to your customers has never been easier

Improved user experience

Increase your sales and service with improved user experience

WOW factor

Add the ‘WOW’ factor to your service and generate more traffic


Personal experience

Make the experience more personal for end-consumers as they are choosing something which they own, rather than something which looks similar. 

More information

Multiple languages

Web Recommendations available in 32 different languages

Less than 3 steps

Recommendation for your vehicle in less than 3 steps

License plate service

Increase vehicle selection accuracy by using our license plate service for different countries

Licence Plate Services


The Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) makes it possible to navigate quickly to the vehicle the user is looking for. These services are offered as stand-alone API or are integrated in our standard products.

Licence Plat Service Olyslager

Key Features


Offer your clients the ease of use by having a license plate connector added to your recommendation website(s).


Annual search allowance packages can be arranged to cater to your unique project needs and to align with your budget requirements.


Olyslager has been integrating licence plate data with our own vehicle database for close to two decades, and our experience and technical know-how give you the peace of mind that our data & solutions are second to none.

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Licence Plate Services

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