Key Values

Smart insights

Get smart insights on market potential and volumes needed


Identify gaps in your product portfolio


Realize cost savings by optimizing your product portfolio

Market data

Generate insights that support your technical and marketing strategy based on verifiable fact-based market data


Go ‘green’ by managing your CO footprint and over-production


Create actionable insights in a few clicks

Pro analyzing

Analyze your product portfolio like a pro


Work with your sales teams and distributors on how to optimize your product portfolio 

Market Analyser


Data is powerful. It can accelerate market growth, enable innovation, or even disrupt entire industries. Comprehensive, relevant market data and the necessary technical expertise, however, may not always be available.  

Entering new markets, evaluating the current product portfolio or optimizing your product range will always be key challenges for you as an oil firm. As a lubricant data insight specialist, we can help you define your strategy by providing the data you need. 

We combine unparalleled market insights with oil recommendation data from the most recent car parc data. Relevant market information, always fact-based and actionable to give your company a competitive advantage. That’s what we call the #poweroflubricantinsights

Tom van Olyslager

Key Features


We work with the best data partners to ensure that we can provide solid and high-quality data to our worldwide customers.


We can help you choose the right solutions depending on your budget. Use what you want, when you want it. We have over 40 countries available already!


Strategic and business development insights at your fingertips. 


Our professional service department covers all your questions to work as effective with the Market Analyser as possible.  We also ensure  that you have access to the most recent data available.

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