Key Values

One system

One system for managing your lubricant department

Technical toolkit

All-in-one technical toolkit for the oil industry professional


Savings on staff training costs as users don’t need to become technical experts or lubrications specialists to understand which oils to recommend for specific applications.

Access anywhere

Cloud-based,  secure, accessible anywhere on any device


Most user-friendly product matching tool in the industry.

Comprehensive OEM library

Most comprehensive OEM library of its kind in the world, with access to over 2600 OEMs and millions of entries covering key categories such as Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Duty Equipment, Marine, Industrial and Electric Vehicle Applications.



Why is it important to use the right lubricant? Can your customer save money by choosing the correct motor oil? Or why is it important to change it? Always the perfect product branding with the right reccommendation. LIS is the tool for recommending your lubricant product to your clients. It’s the basis platform you need for you daily business and creating dedicated data for your website/shop and cataloguing partners like TecDoc, ACES and MAM. 

LIS allows you to fine tune your product portfolio, manage your team and define who can access specific data with a mouse-click. 

The platform also offers a Fleet Management tool, in which customers can create and manage large selections of various equipment and rationalize the recommendations.

LIS online

Key Features


LIS allows you to analyze your portfolio coverage, to review your product gaps, and to customize your product strategy  per channel.

LIS shows the most complete lubricant information available, covering various regions and displaying the data in over 32 languages. All data from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is backed up by written proof.


LIS is a cloud service powered and secured by Microsoft Azure. It’s compatible with most used browsers and (mobile) devices. Two-factor authentication to protect your most confidential product information. Data can only be accessed by yourself and authorized members of your team.


Flexible subscriptions, user roles, customizable interfaces and modules. Can be scaled up easily to fulfill your needs. 

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