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Recommending the right automotive part is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing returns. This not only reduces the risk of returns and warranty claims, but also helps to build trust and loyalty with customers. Additionally, reducing returns can help companies save money on shipping, restocking, and other associated costs, making it a win-win situation for both the company and the customer. This is particularly important for items like oils and fluids, where the wrong recommendation can lead to engine failure or damage to other components.

Leading global provider of data insights and analytics for suppliers and users of lubricants.

A wide range of oil manufacturers have already chosen Olyslager as their leading recommendation tool. Having access to Olyslager OEM data, readily available 24/7, combined with your company’s product expertise, can provide valuable insights and recommendations for the US car parc.

Ernie Jones

Ernie Jones

Regional Sales Director

For the lubricant industry

It is crucial for your customers to quickly determine which oil they need. After all, this can lead to a tremendous boost in sales.

That’s why, at Olyslager, we provide a user-friendly tool on your website that allows your customer to easily discover the oil that best fits your specific needs.

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Lubricant Information System (LIS) allows you to fine tune your product portfolio, manage your team and define who can access specific data with a mouse-click. 

Product Selector

It is just a few steps to a personalized website for your customers with the best lubricant advice by our Product Selector.

Market Analyser

Relevant market information, always fact-based and actionable to give your company a competitive advantage is provided by our Market Analyser.

Catalogue Data

With Catalogue data you can effectively link auto parts data with lubrication data to provide a total service package to your clients.


Bert Tevel

Regional Sales Director 


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Harald Oosting

Harald Oosting

President & CEO


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